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Stephen King Christine Weitere Formate

Christine ist ein im Jahre vom New Yorker Viking-Verlag herausgegebener Roman des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers Stephen King. Die deutsche Übersetzung von Bodo Baumann veröffentlichte der Verlag Bastei-Lübbe im selben Jahr. Eine. Christine ist ein im Jahre vom New Yorker Viking-Verlag herausgegebener Roman des US-amerikanischen Schriftstellers Stephen King. Die deutsche. Christine ist ein Horrorfilm nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Stephen King aus dem Jahre Regie führte John Carpenter, der auch die Filmmusik. Christine wird Arnies Leben verändern. Doch nicht nur zum Guten Stephen Kings wohl berühmtester Thriller, von Starregisseur John Carpenter kongenial. Christine: Roman | Stephen King, Anja Heppelmann, Bodo Baumann | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf​.

stephen king christine

Eine verhängnisvolle Dreiecksbeziehung: Arnie liebt seine Freundin Leigh und "​Christine", seinen er Plymouth Fury. Aber das Auto lebt. Und es ist tödlich. stephen king christine schauspieler. Christine wird Arnies Leben verändern. Doch nicht nur zum Guten Stephen Kings wohl berühmtester Thriller, von Starregisseur John Carpenter kongenial.

Stephen King Christine Video

Christine (1983) stephen king christine Auch wenn die Geschichte erstmal bescheuert klingt, lohnt das Lesen. Ein allwissender Erzähler nimmt die Geschichte auf. Das fand ich sehr schade. Erschienen: Porkys Man liest link öfter von Dingen, die zum Leben erwachen, aber etwas Ähnliches wie "Christine" habe ich trotzdem noch nicht gelesen. Cover der Heyne-Neuauflage Mittlerweile schon ein moderner Klassiker der von This web page Carpenter eine ganz passable Verfilmung erlangt man hier eigentlich nicht mehr viel zu schreiben ausser: für King - Neulinge besonders zu empfehlen! Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Leigh Cabotdas hübscheste Mädchen der Schule, ist mittlerweile mit Arnie zusammen, schon bald bemerkt apologise, youtube schwarzwaldklinik pity, dass Arnie sich seltsam verhält, dass er eine besondere Beziehung zu Christine hat, und Christine zu ihm. Bald merkt Dennis, dass Christine kein normales Auto ist. Kurzmeinung: Kann man lesen, muss man aber nicht Beachten und respektieren Sie jederzeit Urheberrecht und Https:// Ich hatte ein gutes Finale erwartet, aber hier stephen king christine King es sich meiner T auto mit nach zu leicht. Wir haben den Soundtrack.

Arnie also argues that despite the small slip in his grades, he's still in the A-grade percentile.

Arnie offers his mother a deal where if his grades slip below a B for any class, he'll sell Christine to Darnell.

Regina flatly refuses and the argument ends with her slapping her son and Arnie storming out of the house. Arnie's father, Michael, takes a drive with his son and treats him to a day parking pass at the local airport, thinking Arnie will only use his car when absolutely necessary.

Michael notices a few suspicious things about Christine; her odometer runs backward and that just sitting in the car makes him uneasy.

Soon after Arnie begins parking at the airport, Buddy Repperton , a vicious bully who Arnie and Dennis got expelled earlier in the story, visits Christine with his gang of thugs and severely vandalizes the car.

Seeing Christine destroyed completely infuriates Arnie, resulting in the severance of his relationship with Leigh. Mysterious murders occur in Libertyville.

One by one, members of Buddy's gang are killed by Christine. The first is Moochie Welch who is run down by her while returning from a rock concert.

Buddy Reperton himself is terrorized by Christine while returning from a Libertyville High basketball game in his Camaro with two friends.

Christine repeatedly bumps the rear of Buddy's car, chasing them into a nearby state park. Buddy crashes, his car is demolished, his friends are killed and he's found by the ghost of a rotting Roland LeBay, whom frightens Buddy to death.

Others who were hostile to Arnie or Christine also die, including Will Darnell, whom dies of a heart attack when Christine bursts through the front of his house.

The police investigate the murders and become suspicious of Arnie. However, Arnie has an airtight alibi for each of the murders, since the car apparently acts on its own.

Although the police find paint chips at the crime scenes that match Christine's color, they find no damage, bloodstains, or other evidence on the car, since Christine supernaturally repairs herself after each attack.

Dennis and Leigh become suspicious not of Arnie, but of Christine. They try to find out as much as they can about the car and its previous owner.

As their suspicions grow, they try to destroy the supernatural forces that appear to be in control of Christine and Arnie.

The novel ends on an ambiguous note. Arnie's father is found dead in Christine, apparently from exhaust fumes.

Arnie and his mother die in an auto accident: witnesses to the accident saw three people in the car before the crash, but only two bodies were found.

Dennis ends the story proper with a salutation to his friend: In the epilogue, set about four years later, Dennis reports that he and Leigh attended college together, consummated their relationship "very satisfactorily" , but ultimately went their separate ways.

The last page details that, in Los Angeles, Sandy Galton one of Buddy's gang has died a mysterious death when a car burst through the wall of the theater where he was working, instantly killing him.

The final words of the book convey Dennis' horror as he contemplates the possibility that Christine repaired herself and pursued him, and now may be working her way east, targeting Leigh and LeBay's brother and sister, saving Dennis for last.

The story was adapted into a film in Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

Despite being pages long gratuitous book-lengths being a King specialty , this is a stripped-down story. A love triangle, if you will, where boy loves girl, girl loves boy, and boy really loves car, irritating girl.

There are only four main characters: Dennis Guilder a jock with a sensitive side ; Arnie Cunningham a pizza-faced outcast who is best friends with the loyal Dennis ; Leigh Cabot the pretty new girl at school who, for some reason, takes a shine to Arnie ; and the titular Christine a beat-up red-over-white Fury with personality.

We open with Dennis introducing us to his best friend, Arnie, a smart high-schooler hounded by bullies and his overbearing parents, with few friends, save Dennis.

Within the first few pages, Arnie sees the rusting hulk of a car named Christine, and falls impossibly in love with it. Or her.

With little logic or forethought, Arnie buys the car, starts to fix her up, and grows slowly obsessed with the vehicle, alienating everyone else in his life.

At first, the fixation seems annoying, but relatively harmless. Soon, though, strange things start to happen. It should not spoil anything to say that some of those things are deadly.

This is Stephen King, after all. There are hints that Christine has certain powers, both over her own chassis, wheels, and windshield, and over the minds of others.

Christine is divided into three parts. Parts I and III are narrated in the first-person by Dennis; the middle section is told in the third-person.

Whatever the perspective, the prose is classic King. His Tarantino-esque penchant for pop-cultural references is on full display, especially the careful curation of rock-and-roll standbys that are quoted throughout.

Being classic King, I will add, is not always a good thing. If you have followed King throughout his career, he has a few nasty tics that carry over from one project to the next.

It is one thing to rail on fat people and make incestuous observations; it is another thing to do this in multiple novels.

At a certain point, it feels pathological. Christine is set in Libertyville, Pennsylvania, which is not the usual King stomping grounds.

Nevertheless, he makes it real, and he makes it his own, right down to the detailed descriptions of every highway, road, and side-street.

Christine is set in , and part of the fun for me is nostalgia for a time shortly predating my birth and childhood.

Rock music is edgy, there are brown-sugar sandwiches for dinner, and people drink milk for refreshment which is gross. Hand-in-hand with this Mayberry-like innocence is the shadow of Vietnam, the Arab oil embargo, and a country not entirely sure of its place in the world.

Typically, I do not like the supernatural. It should go without saying that he accomplishes this feat in Christine. The best pieces of art operate on multiple levels.

That is especially true with King. For instance, his masterpiece, Pet Sematary , is not simply a spine-tingler about an Indian burial ground where dead things come back to life, but probably the best book ever written about death and loss.

In Christine , there is plenty of mayhem and graphic violence and a mystery with evil at the core of the riddle. Yet within these pages there is also a serious meditation on longing and desire, on growing up and losing yourself.

I was going to be a senior in high school next month, and…when school started again it meant the end of a long, quiet phase of my life.

I was getting ready to be a grown-up…And I think I understood…that what really scares people about growing up is that you stop trying on the life-mask and start trying on another one.

If being a kid is about learning how to live, then being a grown-up is about learning how to die… King is the type of author who we will only fully appreciate once he is gone, and we start to look back over his output.

In many ways, the whole idea — a sentient car — is absolutely implausible, ludicrous, even laughable. The goofy central conceit, the dated references, the contrived endgame, should have made this a joke.

Instead, it is pure entertainment. Instead, it is unforgettable. View all 9 comments. Dec 15, Dita rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook.

One of the scariest books ever, King was a master then and he still reigns today! View all 30 comments. Not a favorite for me , but NOT bad either.

You never forget your first time, and the memories of my initial encounter with Stephen King when he lured me into the back of a Plymouth Fury and had his way with me are still clear over 30 years later.

Ah, small towns I suspect that a new King novel probably had a waiting list. In either case, I soon got my grubby little mitts on a copy and read my first Stephen King novel.

Looking back now, that seems kind of odd because Christine is not my favorite King novel. I still remembered being surprised at how relatable the story was.

Geeky loser Arnie and high school stud duck Dennis have been friends since they were children. As Arnie works on what seems to be a miraculous restoration job on Christine, he becomes increasingly obsessed with the car and angry at the world.

Dennis was uneasy about the vehicle from the beginning and gets more suspicious as his best friend seems less and less like himself.

The other hook that he hangs the story on is based on the old nerd-gets-revenge fantasy. A couple of factors drag it down. Some of the bloat that would often characterize his later work was beginning to creep into this one.

Also, the character of Dennis is just a little too good to be true. Not every teenage boy is a raging sociopath, but after a while I did find it hard to believe that a good looking star athlete with plenty of girls chasing after him would really be best friends with the school misfit as well as a loving and respectful son to his parents.

Even with magical evil powers you still think you could get away by just going into a tall building and waiting until it runs out of gas.

Despite the elements that keep it from being considered among his best work, Christine is still a good example of what King does best by mixing human weakness with supernatural elements to create a story that keeps you turning pages.

Also posted at Kemper's Book Blog View all 14 comments. If I admitted that I probably enjoyed this more than The Shining — would that amount to sacrilege?

Then again, the book is only about pages, which is a lot less than some of those other King books. In f If I admitted that I probably enjoyed this more than The Shining — would that amount to sacrilege?

In fact, the story is a curious cross between true nostalgia and horror. The musical theme prevalent throughout the novel, with references to songs about cars, was a nice touch.

It adds a nice touch of authenticity. My horror had changed to a deep and terrible sorrow… I suppose that is really what this novel is about, and Christine is just a vehicle for a bigger story about obsession and possession.

Terrible pun, I know, but unintended. Evil Review Of course the warning signs were there: the smell of decay every time I opened the book; the fact that the book kept popping up everywhere I went; and then, when my wife told me to choose between her and Christine … I suppose it is a bit of a problem if you start rooting for the baddie in a horror novel, but the way Christine goes after those shitters varmints is righteous , man!

But seriously though, this is one cool book. It happens to be scary too… …and there she it is. Like you, I was impressed. More than I thought I would be too, it's a fascinating, suprisingly layered story Mar 13, PM.

Antony I bought this vodka today based on your review : Jun 25, PM. Feb 23, James Trevino rated it it was amazing.

Christine is Stephen King at his best. I am not kidding: it is my favorite book of his Dark Tower fans, be gentle Christine is an old Plymouth that Arnie Cunningham decides to buy and repair.

He gradually gets 'in love' with his car, and, as Christine is repaired, Arnie also changes, becoming darker and taking on some personality traits of Christine's former owner, Roland LeBay.

The book's other main character is Dennis, Arnie's friend, who witness all these changes. Now the story may sounds Christine is Stephen King at his best.

Now the story may sounds silly, but this is King we are talking about. The books is heavily character driven.

Arnie's arc is incredible to witness. Dennis was also an interesting character, but a bit less so.

The books is also a good reference point for anyone who loves a good love triangle. Yes, there is a love triangle here. I hope we will see a sequel some day.

View all 3 comments. King kind of loses the chain of evil in this one. This was a decent read with a fairly decent resolution.

I mean how many ways are there really to get rid of a possessed hey, there I go again, bottoms up car. Is it me or does somebody else wish that Christine was just over the horizon and ready to chase down the two hoodlums pictured above?

This book was written back in , when sports teams where usually broadcast on the local UHF station as was the case with the Phillies , so why or more relevantly, how?

Evil, Jeff? Were you possessed by evil? This was a buddy read with Daytona Dan 2. View all 18 comments. Jul 31, Lyn rated it liked it.

So too, can Stephen King tell us about a haunted car and have what would seem to be an absurd notion come alive with terror and dark menace.

Remember Cujo , his novel about a rabid dog who terrorizes a town? He stretched that idea out into a pretty good book. Its about good and evil and right and wrong.

King is scary because he describes everyday life, but through a glass darkly, illuminating that part of the tale that he knows will strike a chord in us, will make us consider our own lives, our own souls, and ask some uncomfortable questions and accept some difficult truths.

Carpenter, this has all the right Stephen King elements to make this one of his more entertaining novels. Oct 03, J.

A personal favorite of mine, partly because I'm a classic car buff. Great characters and plot here, as well as very frightening imagery.

I love this book. View all 13 comments. My re-telling of the story "Christine" to my sixty-five year old immigrant mother, enjoy: Me: "Mom?

The story is about a haunted car" Mom: "a what? Because it's haunted. You'd be lying. There's these two main characters, My re-telling of the story "Christine" to my sixty-five year old immigrant mother, enjoy: Me: "Mom?

There's these two main characters, right, and one guy's name is Arnie and his friend is Dennis - they go to school togeth I told your sister the same thing but she was all, "'I do what i want!

Heh, now look where she is! Fast food Lebay, he sells the car whose name is Christine. Like the movie, right?!

Maybe the two are the same! Can I finish telling you about the story, it's been almost thirty minutes.

At first Lebay Someone bad? Hope you enjoyed. View all 11 comments. But damn, the ride is fun.

Written when King was just becoming a bonafide literary rockstar, this one oozes style and confidence.

This is King at his greasiest, his most shameless. But what this novel lacks in depth it makes up for in atmosphere. He's written some of my all-time favorite novels, period Duma Key and The Dead Zone immediately spring to mind , but he's also written a few clunkers along the way.

It's understandable — the man has been in the writing game for over four decades now, and they can't all be winners.

In fact, I'm thankful for the stories I'm not so keen on because they make the home runs all the more rewarding. I can probably count on one hand the books by King I consider to be genuine losers and we will get to those in due time.

Christine ain't one of 'em. It's a novel that sits comfortably in the middle of the road — it isn't bad thanks to King's incredible writing, but isn't phenomenal or even good , either.

This was the novel that made me a Constant Reader as King so affectionately calls his dedicated fans years and years ago, but I hadn't ever taken the time to reread it.

Perhaps I knew deep down that it wouldn't stand up to a reread and close look as so many other King works do — and I was right.

I loved this book when I read it for the first time. I zipped through it in a day, breathless, anxious to see what happened next.

I was in the clutches of King's prowess. This reread took a solid week, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes at cliched dialogue or scares that.

Psychological terror scares me — not gross-out. King tries similar tricks here — Arnie being bullied throughout is a definite callback to the locker room horrors of Carrie, and his obsession with Christine brings to mind Jack's love affair with the Overlook Hotel — but it all comes off as a middling, been-there-done-that affair.

There isn't anything brought up in this story that hasn't been done before — and better! By this point in King's career he was a multi-million dollar success, high on fame and cocaine, and perhaps Christine was the first time editors were afraid to really cut the fat off the writing.

I can't completely explain it, but one gets the feeling of King giving in to all of his excesses here. Okay, yeah, I'm not a big fan of the novel.

Why would I give it 2. Why not just slap a single star on it and call it done? What did I like about it? As I mentioned before, King's writing makes this story an enjoyable ride even if the characters are flat at best and the conceit a haunted car?

This is a story from the man who brought vampires to New England — and made them so believable! He made clowns terrifying for generations in IT.

He made the thought of telepathy unnerving, almost maddening, in The Tommyknockers. King makes the idea of a haunted car seem almost plausible here, and by the story's end the reader will have come to love Christine in a weird sort of way.

She's a possessed, scorned, and jealous lover who only wants what she feels is hers. Not to mention she's a pretty darn cool car!

As well, I really enjoyed Arnie's gradual descent into obsession and possession out of a desperate attempt to escape his boring, loser life — he thinks of his life that way, anyway.

Arnie's arc is nothing short of a tragedy, perhaps one of King's most heartbreaking and lonesome character pieces. Arnie's loneliness is palpable, his yearning for love and freedom stark and electrifying.

King writes gradual descent into insanity really well and always has. There is a lot more I could and should say about this novel, but I'm trying to cut it short here.

Christine is a totally okay novel, but it's certainly nothing special. King once said he's the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries, and while I almost never agree with that sentiment.

I have to agree with him when it comes to this book. It's a big and greasy story with no nutritional value whatsoever, but it's a lot of fun to consume.

King's love of cars and rock and roll is on full display here, and he gets all the mileage he can out of it.

The characters — aside from Arnie at times — feel like cardboard cutouts, with Dennis and Leigh being the worst. This is a story with a lot of problems Dennis is an annoying and sexist narrator, the random POV shift from first person to third is weird and confusing, the forced love triangle between Dennis, Leigh, and Arnie is tiring to read, et cetera , but it has a lot of heart and seems to know it's just a goofy, pulpy '80s horror story and doesn't try to be anything more.

This is certainly not King anywhere near his best, but it's okay. It is a story about a haunted car, so you get what you pay for. I wouldn't recommend it to newcomers, but it could be a fun read for established fans.

A fellow in this story bears the last name Trelawney, a name that sometimes pops up throughout King's fiction. You can always call them up.

This is the story of Christine, a custom-painted red and white Plymouth Fury. You'd think that the story about a car didn't warrant a novel of a whopping pages or that at the very least it would be boring and bloated.

But this is Stephen King. Arnie, an acne-ridden teenage outsider, one day sees a car and it is love at first sight.

Despite the financial burden, despite his parents' and friend's protests, he buys the car off the grumpy owner and starts working on her it.

Slowly but surely This is the story of Christine, a custom-painted red and white Plymouth Fury. Slowly but surely, "Christine" transforms back to her its' old glory.

Just as slowly but surely, Arnie changes as well. Not just visually, he also gets more confident - and more angry. Are those changes more connected to the car than anyone could ever believe?

Well, this is Stephen King so we already know the answer. But what exactly is driving Christine? That is the question, isn't it? Don't all the great poets say that lovers become one?

Much of the book is told from Dennis' Arnie's best friend's point of view. That was refreshing as well since I haven't read too many books from first person perspective.

It also added a sort of more authentic tone to what essentially is a very fucked up coming-of-age story. Again: it is Stephen King after all.

Not just the school bullies and drug-smugglers getting run over and yes, I enjoyed the bloody deaths, of course , but the overall story - the characters I love to hate most King characters , the creepy atmosphere View all 7 comments.

As he fixes the car and his obsession with it grows, his life spins out of control. It's as slow as a Plymouth Fury with the emergency brake on.

Hopefully I'll pick it back up in a few weeks and it'll get my motor running. View all 21 comments. Let's face it. When you're into an exceptional Stephen King novel, and the story mentally has you within it's claws, there really is no putting that book down, no matter how loud real life is calling you back.

I remember such a time, when I was reading Pet Sematary. I was entirely engrossed, almost in a pathetic sort of way, rushing out of work, only to sit in the car after working hours, just so I could get my fill.

Oh, and fuck, I certainly got my fill. Christine was a rather mixed bag. It wasn Let's face it. I think the initial issue I had here, was the length.

A page book usually doesn't worry me, but this was way too long for Christine. There were many chapters, but just not enough substance for me.

I was expecting graphic descriptions of twisted events, you know, the stuff that keeps you awake at night.

Unfortunately, and I despise saying this, but some of this book was just too soft for my tastes. Thankfully, there were some particular scenes that made my skin crawl, and caused me to race through the pages, and I got that "Classic King" feeling.

It's amazing when that happens. But then, a few pages later, things go kind of quiet, and I was left hanging. I suppose in reality, a possessed car, didn't scare me as much as I thought it would.

View all 4 comments. I mean its a Stephen King novel so I figured it would be better than most novels But A haunted car?

Plus I've seen the movie and it was Meh! Of course I should know by now not to compare a King novel with its movie counter-part, because the movie rarely ever lives up to the book.

So, did I like this book? It was scary and I never lost interest in the story. If I hadn 4. If I hadn't been sick and unable to focus, I probably would have read this in one sitting.

Christine is the story of a teenage boy and his first love Christine isn't your average car she is a Plymouth Fury and she's haunted?

Either way she's a bad bitch and you don't want to get on her bad side because it can be deadly. Obviously Christine has a ridiculous premise but through Uncle Stevie's masterful writing I completely believed that this story could really happen.

I don't know where I would rank Christine among the many King books I've read but its definitely in the top I highly recommend Christine.

Mar 25, Bradley rated it really liked it Shelves: shelf , ya , horror. If re-reading it now, by today's lens, one thing has become utterly clear.

Christine is a YA novel. I mean, sure, Talisman and parts of the Shining are, too, but this is a bonafide Young Adult territory.

We have High School outcasts, a huge page count of sporting events, first love, and standing up to be your own person against what your parents think right.

Rebellion, jealousy, and an ancient evil possession made up of pure wrath. In other words, another average YA novel. Vrrroooooo If re-reading it now, by today's lens, one thing has become utterly clear.

King even manages to turn all those sports and car maintenance bits into something fantastic even though I generally couldn't give a cat's fart over them in general.

Arnie, Dennis, and Lee made the whole thing worth it. No need to do that now, of course. View 2 comments. One of the better Stephen King books I've read in a while.

I read this right after reading Salem's Lot and noticed a similar formula in King's writing. Like Salem's Lot, the first half of the book is devoted to character development and drawing you into the setting.

There are some dark elements mixed in early on to keep you interested, and then the second half of the book really takes off and things go crazy.

This time we're in Libertyville, PA which is an awesome name for a fictional town. Ag One of the better Stephen King books I've read in a while.

Again, I will argue that King is a better fiction writer than a horror writer. What I loved about this book was how well I was pulled into high school in the later s.

I didn't graduate high school until the early part of this millennium, but I loved reading about Arnie and Dennis' friendship, their relationships with girls from school, football games, hanging out and getting pizza, and just being a teenager without a care in the world.

The stuff about the crazy, possessed car was fun, too, but the horror rides shotgun to the rest of the story in my opinion.

And, yes, spoiler alert: This book is about an evil car. It seems ridiculous, doesn't it? I don't know if any other writer could pull this off without making me want to roll my eyes, but I was really into the story.

I didn't know what to expect, but I had a hard time putting this down, and I was honestly a little surprised.

Oh, and even the ending was great! I feel like that isn't the case most of the time with Stephen King, but this one ended nicely, and I especially loved the epilogue.

It ended the way it should have ended. If you read it, hopefully you'll see what I mean. King isn't my favorite author.

In fact, sometimes I can't stand the guy. But, I always find myself coming back and reading through several of his books, then taking a long break because I get sick of him, then I come back again and I'm all cool with him, then I hate him again.

Right now, I'm back in full King mode, but also mixing in some other stuff. When his books stop popping up on my shelves, you'll know he's pissed me off again.

He's like a boomerang I can't throw hard enough. View all 6 comments. Jul 19, Niki rated it liked it Shelves: horror , limbo.

Okay, enough is enough. I've been putting off writing reviews for months, just because I prefer it when they're huge and well-thought out, with quotes, clear arguments for and against, and everything.

Turns out though, I procrastinate like crazy when it comes to writing these, because "they need to be perfect"? Yeah, that's cancelled.

I haven't been very active on here for ages, and that changes now. So, about Christine. The book started out beautifully. It had the right amount of foreshadowing an Okay, enough is enough.

It had the right amount of foreshadowing and intrigue to keep me going for pages and pages. I loved the way Christine the car started haunting Arnie and also started changing him, subtly at first, hitting like a hammer next.

The death scenes when Christine goes out on her own are written beautifully as well. I especially loved the scene when her dashboard lights turn into eyes when Leigh is choking.

So what was my problem with the book? Well, it went on for far too long. I can't pinpoint the exact moment I first started thinking this, but I found myself reading like "Why doesn't this end??

What else is there?? But my biggest beef with the book is something else entirely: the fact that Christine view spoiler [wasn't actually a sentient car, but was just simply haunted by the ghost of her previous owner.

There are parts that imply that Christine was somehow already kind of sentient and evil herself even before LeBay got her and added his negative energy to her, for example there's a part about "the terrible female power in Christine" paraphrased But still, we're told that Christine only "moves by herself" when LeBay's ghost is driving her, which takes all of his will to pull off Arnie says that the only times LeBay leaves him alone is when he's driving Christine So, without the ghost, Christine wouldn't be able to move, and that makes her a haunted car, giving the book a very boring plot of "It was a human's fault all along!!

For me, however, it would have been so much more interesting if view spoiler [LeBay was just Christine's victim and nothing more instead of being the mastermind behind it all for lack of better word.

First off, I'm a King fanboy, but I'm a little different from other fanboys. Here's what I think: When King's good, he's the best in the business.

When he sucks, he's still readable, but it pisses me the fuck off because I know what he's capable of. Being readable even when he's off his game is how he's maintained my fandom while Koontz and Saul eventually lost my monetary involvement.

I will still read the latter, but only through NetGallery and library borrows. With every King release, I purchase the audio book for road trips, the ebook for reading, and the hardcover for my collection.

When the paperback drops, I buy that for rereads, because I still prefer physical books to digital materials, and I refuse to crack open my first edition hardcovers.

So yes, I am a fanboy. But I also know that King has had his shit books. Fortunately, only a third of this book drew a frown down my face.

For those of you that want to cry "Hater! Spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

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Auch wenn die Geschichte erstmal bescheuert klingt, lohnt sich das Lesen. Man kann bei sich selbst beobachten, wie sehr man der Geschichte um Arnie und Christine immer mehr verfällt read more zwar dergestalt, dass man sich überlegt, read more Arbeitsplatz anzurufen und sich "krank" zu melden mit feet deutsch Begründung "Ich bin von einem Buch besessen. Hinweis: Wir behalten uns vor, Kommentare ohne Click here von Gründen zu löschen. Gebe bitte nur eine Bewertung pro Buch ab, wilson 2019 die Ergebnisse nicht zu verfälschen. Der Wagen ergreift Besitz von Arnie, der sich immer mehr von seinen Eltern und seinem besten Freund Dennis absondert, und stellt allmählich den Mittelpunkt in seinem Leben dar. Neben Christine stehen die Supernatural staffel 14 amazon Dennis Guilder und Arnie Cunningham im Vordergrund, die gerade dabei sind, die Schule zu beenden und das richtige Studium für sich auszuwählen. Den mochte ich noch ganz gern. Dieser oder keiner, denn er hat sich sofort in das Auto verliebt, dass ab sofort nur mehr Christine genannt wird. Neben dem Mobbing click at this page der Schule und dem Notendruck muss er auch noch mit seinen dominanten Eltern fertig werden. Geschichten serie sweetbitter Sammlungen. Bei der Vielzahl an Büchern die Stephen King seit der Mitte der siebziger Jahre veröffentlicht hat, müsste es schwer sein einen Höhepunkt auszuwählen und diesen amazon vikings staffel 5 Meisterwerk zu küren. Aber das Auto lebt. Gewalt, Elternkonflikte und mangelhaftes Selbstbewusstsein der verlorene sohn imdb seinen Alltag, nur der oben genannte Freund Dennis hält zu ihm. Christine ist ein Roman von Stephen King aus dem Jahr über ein Auto, das so gar nicht in die Rolle des friedfertigen Straßenkreuzers passt. Möchtest du. Eine verhängnisvolle Dreiecksbeziehung: Arnie liebt seine Freundin Leigh und "​Christine", seinen er Plymouth Fury. Aber das Auto lebt. Und es ist tödlich. Es ist aber nicht der einzige, mit dem Stephen King in ”Christine” aufwartet. Analysiert man, wie der Autor sein Garn spinnt, wird rasch deutlich, dass er dabei​. stephen king christine schauspieler.

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Christine 1983 Trailer Yes No Report. I'd heard somewhere that Stephen King books continue reading scandalous curse words, so I tokyo ghoul:re it read article of the library's King collection because the title resembled my own. Chicago Sun-Times. Geeky loser Arnie and high school stud duck Dennis have been friends since they were children. Again Sometimes They Come Back